McKenzie Towne Community Association (CA) McKenzie Towne Council (RA)
PurposeTo represent residents by providing a voice on community issues in all levels of government and promoting a strong sense of community engagement through a variety of initiatives.To manage, maintain, and operate the McKenzie Towne Hall and the major amenities: Prestwick Commons (Splash Park, fountain, fire-pit and structures), the Inverness Square Gazebo, the Inverness Clock Tower and the Elgin Ruins along with all parks and green spaces within McKenzie Towne boundaries. This includes landscaping, snow removal on specific pathways, and holiday lights.
OperationsSupported by the City of Calgary. Operations are dependent on membership fees, fundraising, sponsorship, and volunteers. 100% volunteer basedEstablished through the encumbrances on land titles. Annual fees sustain MTCouncil assets. Professionally managed with paid staff.
FocusCity/traffic and zoning issues. Public property issues. Community events hosted outside of the McKenzie Towne Hall such as the Annual Festival of Lights, etc.McKenzie Towne Hall and all amenities within McKenzie Towne boundaries. Registered seasonal programs in the hall.
MembershipAnnual membership is voluntary, based on calendar year. It is $10 for residents, and $15 for non-residents.Fees are $230 per year and are mandatory for all property owners. Due June 1st of each year.
ContactMcKenzie Towne Community Association: EmailMcKenzie Towne Council
Phone: (403) 781-6612